The Legend Framing Guide

Select a category of trailer to learn about our framing specifications for each model

CargoFloorWallsRoofMain FrameAxle TypeV Size
Thunder V-Nose 5’-6’ Wide (TV)24"24"24"4" (3" on 5'W)Torsion1’
Thunder V-Nose 7’ Wide (TV)24”24”24”4”Torsion2’
Explorer Cargo 5’-6’ Wide (EV)24"24"24"4" (3" on 5'W)Torsion1’ w/ Slope
Explorer Cargo 7’ Wide (EV)24”24”24”4”Torsion2’ w/ Slope
Flat Top V-Nose (FTV)24"16"16"4"Torsion3'
Legend Deluxe (LD)24"16"24"4"TorsionFlat Front
Deluxe V-Nose 6’-7’ Wide (DVN)24"16"24"4"Torsion3'
Deluxe V-Nose 8’ Wide (DVN)16”16”24”4” *(6” w/ 5200#)Torsion3’

Snow/ATV/HybridFloorWallsRoofMain FrameAxle TypeV Size
Sport Lite (SL)24"24"16"3"Torsion1' Sloped Radius
All Sport (AS)24”24”16"4”Torsion1' Sloped Radius
All Sport Deluxe (ASD24”16"16"4”Torsion1' Sloped Radius
Thunder Snow (TS)24"24"16"6"Torsion5'
Explorer Snow (E)16"16"16"6"Torsion5'
Trailmaster (TM)16”16"16"6"Torsion5'
Trackmaster (LS)16"16"16"6"Torsion5'

8.5 WideFloorWallsRoofMain FrameAxle TypeV Size
Thunder 8.5’ (TV8.5)16"16"16"6"Torsion2'
Explorer 8.5’ (EV8.5)16"16"16"6"Torsion2’ w/ Slope
Trailmaster 8.5’ Flat Front (TMF)16"16"16"6"Torsion3' V-Nose (optional)
Trailmaster 8.5’ V-Nose (TMV)16"16"16"6"Torsion6'

SteelFloorWallsRoofMain FrameAxle TypeV Size
Cyclone 5’-6’ Wide (STV)24"16"24"3"Spring18”
Cyclone 7’ Wide (STV)16"16"24"4" *(6” w/ 5200#)Spring2'
Cyclone 8.5’ Flat Front Wide (STF8.5)16"16"16"6"SpringFlat Front
Cyclone 8.5’ Wide (STV8.5)16"16"16"6"Spring30"

OpenFloorRailsMain FrameAxle Type
ATV Master (ATV)24"F-ChannelTorsion
Low Side (ALLS)24"16” TallAngleSpring
High Side (ALHS)24"22” TallAngleSpring
Open Deluxe 5’-6' Wide (OD)24"14” Tall3"Spring
Open Deluxe 7’ Wide (OD)24"14” Tall4"Spring
Open Car Hauler (OCH)16"6"Torsion

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