Cargo Solutions

Note that custom options vary per trailer model and are subject to availability. Contact your local dealer to learn which options are fit for your trailer.

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Tie Downs

Stake Pockets

Roof Storage


Not pictured:

  • Recessed Aluminum L-Track 

Ski Guides

Not pictured:

  • Ski Tie Down Bar Kit (surface mount)

Note: Sport Lite model now discontinued. Guides and mats are not available as factory-install options. However, Legend’s parts department can recommend and order after-market guides and mats. Contact your dealer for more details.

Wheel Chocks

Not pictured:

  • Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock Tube (installed or loose available)
  • Motorcycle Wheel Chock Recessed Flip-Up

Winch Plates

Not pictured:

  • Floor welded Winch Plate
  • Winch Plate for Tandem Car Hauler model

Legend reserves the right to change price, design, material, and/or specifications without notice or obligation.

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